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Pre-Marital Counseling

Providing Everything You Need

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Popped the Question?

Now what?

Wedding bells are ringing! Am I ready? Is this the right person? Are we good together? Our therapists will help you answer these questions and more.

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Set the Right Foundation

50% of all marriages end in divorce. Most of the time, all relationship ending issues could have been discovered, reconciled, or prevented if couples took the time to seek professional help in the beginning. Don't just ride the wave of emotion. Set yourself up for a happy, healthy, productive union with the right tools. The honeymoon ends at some point, and life truly begins. Learn potential pitfalls before its too late.

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Happily Ever After

We will focus on more than compatibility but how your purposes align with each other for the long haul. We will help you each find your true identity and answer questions on how your future spouse is the yin to your yang. Marriage is more than the wedding - its the life you lead after that counts. Learn to fight fair, and maintain your fire even when life kicks in. 

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