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Individual PsychoTherapy

Depression, lack of motivation, hurt, loss?
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1:1 psychotherapy with you and your therapist. A safe client centered space is provided to aide in your healing and processing.


RGTS offers comprehensive 1:1 sessions with your own board certified therapist. Your sessions are uninterrupted and design specifically to focus on your needs. 

This is your time. Feel free to let loose and really open up. Find the freedom to express what you truly need to in a safe, judgment free environment. 

With RGTS rest assured that your conversation remains solely between you and your therapist unless otherwise directed by you. Book your session today.

My sessions came at a fairly critical point for me.

Through your excellent help, it's now possible for me to have a different healthier approach to various life situations. 

I want to thank you for the support you have given me.  

Your attentiveness made hard topics easier to address head-on. 

Thank you

Yol, 51

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